My Practice Approach

I have an eclectic therapeutic style, meaning that I synthesize theories and techniques from many schools of psychotherapy. As everyone's needs in treatment are unique, I use what the client needs.

Having been conventionally trained in traditional talk therapy, I am also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which I have used effectively on many issues, especially trauma. As a trauma specialist, I see trauma beneath many mental health conditions and use EMDR for strengthening oneís core, desensitizing traumatic incidents, and helping most other symptoms as well. While itís not possible to provide any guarantees, I find that the combination of traditional therapy and EMDR is very effective for most problems. However, when called for and when clients are receptive, I use less traditional methods that involve energy healing and spirituality, which although considered experimental, have been shown to be highly effective. I love to use humor in session, and provide warm and empathic emotional support designed to create a healthy, therapeutic environment in which patients come to thrive.

For those clients who feel they are spiritually guided, I am accepting of the use of a higher power, or in whatever ways one perceives spirituality and entities of spirit. I am interested in metaphysical aspects of treatment, as well, and am open to working with people looking for alternative ways of healing.

I find that good treatment sometimes requires a more intensive approach than a single session per week, particularly when using EMDR, and that some people benefit from longer sessions than the traditional one 45-minute session per week. In addition to the traditional 45-minute per week session, I offer 60-minute and 75-minute sessions and longer. What I find particularly helpful to some clients are sessions that are scheduled for greater blocks of time such as one or two three-hour times per day, and up to several days in a row. This greater time allowance can be wonderfully helpful in deepening the therapeutic experience, and can help one move through the healing process more quickly. Especially in working with trauma and in couples therapy, working in extended time periods can be an excellent and extremely beneficial approach may accelerate healing and allow for greater emotional support and use of a wider range of therapeutic techniques.

I tailor treatment to the individual, and work with my clients to find what works best with each of them.

Who I work with:

  • Adult and adolescent individuals
  • Couples

What techniques I use:

Visit the Explanation of Techniques page to learn more about the healing techniques I use.

Insurance Coverage:

I am an in-network provider for Medicare.

For out-of-network coverage, my services are typically reimbursed by any insurance that provides out-of-network mental health benefits. I am sometimes able to offer a sliding scale and negotiate my fee for those who are having financial hardship or for whom insurance benefits do not cover treatment.