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Nancy J. Killen, LCSW-C

Specializing in Trauma and Eating Disorders,
Using State of the Art Techniques

As a psychotherapist in private practice since 1996, I have worked with many kinds of people and problems, using a multitude of techniques.  I strive to be compassionate and empathic, and gently work with people to help them feel connected and understood.  As my nature is nonjudgmental and I believe in working for the highest good of each individual and our world, I offer my clients a supportive and warm environment in which to work through rigid and challenging life issues.

Psychotherapy is my profession and my calling, and I am committed to helping those struggling with issues that make life difficult. My objective, as well as helping people with the tools I have, is to learn as much as I can about new treatment techniques and theories, and find what works for each person who comes to me. I am continually searching for new tools, and love learning about and using new healing methods for emotional and physical health.